5.   eBay Crit

Book Title: eBay Crit 
Book Author: Varying/collaborative/Ebay
Spiral Bound Book
165mm × 240mm
Varying pages

“eBay Crit” is a wire-bound, printed narrative that serves as a study of the online selling platform eBay as well as highlighting and critiquing the human mind and, in a way, the online behavior of people today. Taking items from the website’s “weird stuff” and “really weird” categories then literally critiquing everything from the way they’ve written their description (sentence structure, grammar) to the way the images have been art directed and photographed.

Taking inspiration from “The BANK Fax-Bak Service: Helping You Help Yourselves!” Where, in 1999, the now-disbanded British artist group BANK began a project entitled “Press Release.” Publicity information released by galleries was corrected with handwritten comments about the use of language and grammar. A mark out of ten was given, and the document was faxed back to the relevant gallery, rubber-stamped with the slogan ‘The BANK FAX-BAK SERVICE; Helping You to Help Yourselves!’