2.   Love, and other, Letters

Title: Love, and other, Letters
Medium: 100 postcards
Size: various sizes

“Love, and other, Letters” is an ongoing project highlighting the lost art of letter writing. In today's digital age, writing love letters feels non-existent, an archaic practice with today’s equivalent being a short, non-descriptive text message. But not long ago, before technology became what it is today, the charming gesture of letter writing was the only way of communicating our love, grief, heartbreak or just our general thoughts.

Taking reference visually from On Kawara’s postcard series, where the artist sent thousands of postcards as part of his practice, these communications are put down on postcards acquired from eBay over a period of time. They are in essence a collection of in-jokes, feelings and thoughts, through break-ups and reunions, over years and spanning locations.